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Amateur Division


"My father worked in electronics. He was always working and tinkering at home and I remember him soldering. When I was about 8, I used to like to play with his soldering gun and make little solder balls. I thought it was fun to watch these little round things cool and harden up on the work bench. Just a kid having fun.

Fast forward almost 50 years, November 2012. My husband and I passed the Technician test and in June 2013 we upgraded to General class. My father was also an amateur radio operator. He was licensed around 1979 or so. He passed away in 1987. His call sign was KA6KIW. My father was very intelligent and understood quality equipment. He used Icom.

I was blessed to get his call sign as a vanity call and, just like my father, I appreciate the quality of Icom products. Thank you Icom for a great product."

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